Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully to get a clear understanding of service.

Online Payment Policy:

Any person paying online should use their own personal credit or debit cards. If not, then the service may not be awarded.

Invoicing and Payment Terms:

  • All rental periods are calculated on a 24-hour basis. For example, a one- day rental starting at 9am must be returned by 9am the following day. Any delay – for example, if the car is returned at 5pm the following day – will result in an extra day being charged.
  • Our invoice will be issued on the day you pick up your car, in advance of the term of the rental (i.e. a prepayment) and must be settled in full immediate.
  • In case the customer wishes to extend his rental agreement extra days, he must inform us prior to the extension. Otherwise, the extension will be charged according to the normal seasonal daily price.
  • Payment for extension must be made in advance, otherwise the extension will not be valid.


  • Your booking can not be cancelled once the rent payment is processed.
  • We can’t issue any refunds once the car is reserved.
  • The cost of the cancellation will vary depending on the date of notice regarding the rental date.
    • 1-week prior notice corresponds to a 100% refund
    • 3 days prior notice corresponds to the return of 50%

Drivers and Licensing Requirements:

All drivers must be over 25 years old and 3 years of driver’s license.

Drivers must provide a valid international or national (local) licence, some local licences are not accepted, our sales team will check your licence’s validity before renting you the car.

Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating the vehicle. All insurance claims resulting from driving under the influence will be denied and you will be responsible for all resulting damage repairs.

It is primarily your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to drive a rented car in compliance with the laws of the European Union and Spain.


Delivery outside Spain state is subject to a fee (depending on the location of the other city).

Driver must show original valid documents while receiving the car.

Driver can take a video or photo of the current condition of the car, before signing the contract.


Smoking in our vehicles is strictly prohibited as it damages our vehicles and is a safety hazard while driving. Smoking in our vehicles may result in a charge of up to 500€.

Driver must return the car in the same condition he received it, if the car is dirty or has any food leftovers or stains, this will result in a charge.

Off-roading, rallying, racing, or ‘drifting’ in our vehicles is strictly prohibited. going to racing, and tracks is not allowed.

Customer is not allowed to drive over 160km/h. If the driver goes over this speed limit, he will be charged 2000 AED on the 2nd attempt, and on the 3rd attempt we will shut down the car, and the remaining rental period will not be refunded.

Pets may be allowed in our vehicles, however, cleaning and damage penalties will be charged, without exceptions.

Up to 500€ will be charged if the car returned with a very dirty interior (trash on the ground, food leftovers, etc..).

Distance Usage:

Our offer is based on a maximum use based on the number of kilometres stated in your contract, typically 150KM per day, Additional usage will be charged at the rate of the contract.